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The Vision

To improve patients' lives globally through the utilization of phytocannabinoids to supplement endocannabinoid deficiencies coupled with existingnutraceutical/pharmaceutical products while continuously monitoring patient’s objective health metrics while proving safety and efficacy.

Meet the Team

Unprecedented Dedication to Improving Patients' Lives

Christina DiArcangelo

Christina DiArcangelo, CEO of Spectral Analytics Precision Tele-Monitoring and is responsible for Chief Clinical R&D for Spectral Analytics, regulatory approval and tele-monitoring service. She has 24 years of global research and development and regulatory experience in biotechnology. She has worked on 25 approved FDA studies.

Steven Adler

Steven Adler is CEO/CFO of Spectral Analytics
and Aevum Therapy and is responsible for financial accounting & record keeping and creating systems, processes & controls at each level of revenue and expenses. Steven has more than 30 years of financial control experience and a proven track record with early stage startups.

Dr. Bryan Doner

Dr. Bryan Doner, Spectral’s Chief Medical Officer overseeing all Observational Studies and
Clinical Trials. Trained medical doctor with over 20 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine.

Currently medical director for several disciplines in several hospitals. Dr. Doner is also the Chief Medical officer for our CRO, Affinity Bio Partners.

Anil AR

Anil AR is a serial entrepreneur. With over 22 years of global diversified experience, Anil has been instrumental in building, raising and scaling IT service and product businesses successfully. He has a track record for customer centricity and a passion for excellence in execution. He has proven to be a transformational leader and has been instrumental in turning around the various verticals.


Christina DiArcangelo and Steven Adler

DiArcangelo and Dr. Doner.JPG
Christina DiArcangelo Mike Mejer Green Lane Communication Affinity Bio Partners.jpg

Dr. Bryan Doner and Christina DiArcangelo

Christina DiArcangelo

Michael Mejer of

Green Lane Communication

Our Partners

Affinity Bio Partners: Leading cannabis CRO (clinical research organization) for observational and clinical trials leading to regulatory approval.

Affinity Patient Advocacy: Affinity Patient Advocacy is able to provide the following services to patients at no charge for their direct services.

Green Lane Communication: Leading cannabis-focused public & media relations firm.

Patriot Military Family Foundation: Instrumental in supporting service-disabled veterans and their families first in the Carolinas, and then expanding to other locations in the United States.

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